Curb Mount Skylight Worksheet

Curb Mount Skylight Worksheet

(Custom skylights are non-returnable. Be sure to double check measurements for accuracy. All dimensions are in Inches. Use the picture above to help fill out the following: * Indicates required fields. Any glass skylight(s) over 32 square feet will require the glass and frame to ship separately. This will need to be assembled (glazed) on site.) Sales tax is not included. If applicable, the purchaser is liable for any tax that is required.

Condensation is not a skylight defect, it's a result of atmospheric conditions inside and outside of the building.

Glazing Distortion:
All Glazing (transparent material on skylights) will have inherent minor distortion especially when viewed at an angle.

Inspections & Maintenance:
Skylights and Translucent Wall Systems should be inspected yearly and will require maintenance approximately every 1 to 5 years.

Expansion and Contraction:
AiA Skylights are designed to structurally account for expansion and contraction. Occasionally there may be audible popping noises especially with acrylic domes. Please contact AiA for more information.

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