Custom RV Skylight Replacements

Custom RV Skylight Replacements

RV Skylight
RV Skylight

Custom RV Skylight Replacements

RV and Modular homes have many different shapes and styles of skylights. Most of the time, these skylights will be single or double pieces of plastic that mount directly to the roof deck. These plastic domes will either be clear, white or bronze tinted.

Because these mount directly to the roof deck, the hardest part about replacing them is getting them to seal properly. Because the plastic will expand and contract with temperature changes, we recommend mechanically fastening these domes to the roof deck using a high quality flexible silicone glazing sealant under the domes.

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When you mechanically attach the dome to the roof with screws there are a couple things you need to do.

  • Pre-drill oversized holes in the plastic: Do not try to screw through the plastic without drilling a hole first. This hole needs to be at least 1 size larger than the screw you plan to use.
  • Use screws that come with a rubber washer. This will allow you to "tighten" the screw without getting it tight enough to break the plastic but yet still tight enough to seal properly.
  • DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN: As stated above, the plastic needs to expand and contract. If you tighten the screws too much the plastic will crack.
  • Even when mechanically fastening your dome to your roof deck, it is important to use a good flexible silicone sealant that will allow for the expanding and contracting of the material.

Because we custom make all of our skylights and replacement domes as they are ordered, we can essentially make any shape and size dome required for your application. We also specialize in providing impact resistant replacement domes for RV and Modular homes. 

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