Structural Skylight Instructions

Structural Skylight Instructions

Structural Skylights have a structural aluminum frame and several pieces of insulated Low-E safety glass, polycarbonate glazing or fiberglass sandwich panels. They are more complicated because they are bigger, have more options and usually require assembly (usually shipped KD (knocked down).

Once a design and materials are worked out, we provide Shop Drawings that show how the skylight fits together. Often if the project is in the Rocky Mountain region we will install these skylights. Other times the project is outside our installation area, in these cases in addition to our Shop Drawings, we provide instructions & phone support to assist the Contractor, Glazer, Handyman, Carpenter or Home Owner with the installation. Please call and ask for our Structural Skylight experts (Please see our "Structural Skylight Quote Request")

NOTE: Since Skylights are found on roofs, Safety is the most important part of the Installation process. Please consider getting qualified help when needed and using the proper equipment, tools, etc with care.

Skylight Videos & Tutorials

This video shows the proper way to disassemble a curb mount skylight, measure the domes and reassemble.
Here is a quick video showing the difference between standard acrylic and impact resistant domes.
This video shows how a standard acrylic dome handles our special "impact" test.
This video shows how a Polycarbonate dome handles our special "impact" Test.