Replacement Dome Instructions

Replacement Dome Instructions

Replacement Skylight Domes (AKA: lens, bubble) is just the plastic lens. Because there are many skylight makers and designs, it is important to dismantle your skylight for accurate dimensions of the existing dome(s).
  1. Examine existing or damaged dome
    1. Take off the skylight's "retainer" that holds the dome(s) down and get dimensions of the old dome(s). Measurement Guide (link to modal with image from this page: Replacement Dome Form)
    2. Check if you have a single or a double layer dome and what color the dome(s) are.
    3. Check the condition of the gaskets and if new ones are needed.
  2. Order your new dome(s) and gaskets from AiA Industries
    1. Go to Purchase Domes
  3. Install
    1. Replace the dome(s) on the roof or bring the skylight down to the ground level.
    2. Take the skylight apart by removing the retainer, remove the old dome(s)
    3. Replace the gaskets if needed, then place the new dome(s) into place, placing gaskets between the inner and outer dome (make sure to leave a gap in the corners for the domes to "breath"), removing the protective masking as you go, lay a bead of silicone on top of the flanges and replace the "retainer" that holds down the dome.

NOTE: If you're uncomfortable taking your skylight apart or it seems like a lot of work, consider replacing the existing skylight with a new skylight. It doesn't cost much more and gives you a very simple and quick installation that has a factory seal with a warranty. This way all you have to do is measure your outside curb dimension and we'll make a new one to fit perfectly to protect your home for a lot less trouble.

NOTE: Since Skylights are found on roofs, Safety is the most important part of the Installation process. Please consider getting qualified help when needed and using the proper equipment, tools, etc with care.

Skylight Videos & Tutorials

This video shows the proper way to disassemble a curb mount skylight, measure the domes and reassemble.
Here is a quick video showing the difference between standard acrylic and impact resistant domes.
This video shows how a standard acrylic dome handles our special "impact" test.
This video shows how a Polycarbonate dome handles our special "impact" Test.