Domes & Dome Replacements

Domes & Dome Replacements

DĀLYTE produces all of our replacement domes to size as requested. All custom made replacement domes are non-returnable. Please double check all dimensions before submitting your quote request. Click on one of the options to the right to get a quote for that style of replacement dome.


  • Thickness
    • Up to 54” square requires 1/8” thick material
    • Over 54” square requires 3/16” thick material
    • ¼” thick material is only used on very large units or when specifically required

  • Colors
    • Single Dome
      • Clear
      • Bronze (tinted)
      • White (translucent)

    • Insulated Double Dome
      • Clear over Clear
      • Bronze over Clear
      • Clear over White
        • The white dome CAN be used as an outer dome but any dust or dirt will show up as dark spots from inside.

  • Flange Dimension
    • The flange is the flat part around the outer edge of the bubble.
    • Our standard flange is 1-1/2” wide
    • Custom size flanges are available up to 3” wide
      • Anything other than standard require special tooling at an additional cost

  • Dome Height
    • Unless specified by our customers all of our domes will be blown to a height that will allow for 40 pounds per square foot of snow load.
      • This is calculated at a 25% rise based on the smallest overall size of the replacement dome MINUS the flange
        • Example: 24” x 48” outside flange minus 1-1/2” wide flange (3” overall) = 21” bubble divided by 4 = 5.25” high dome
      • Custom dome heights are available but limited to under 50% rise based on size.