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Skylight Glazing Comparisons

(Glazing is the transparent part of the Skylight)
Listed from most economical to most expensive (there are exceptions)
Glazing materials
Types of skylights
Typical make-ups & appearance
Standard colors
High Performance Coatings
Range of U-Values
ACRYLIC Usually smaller Dome Skylights Usually Double Layer Clear over clear: maximum light HeatBlock 365 available Most economical Smaller units 1.2 to .5
up to 9' x 12' Domes, Pyramids, etc. each layer is between 1/8" to 1/4" thick Bronze tint over clear:  Glare & heat control - Glare & heat control Holds up to elements well Lower energy   
often called "Unit Skylights" or Available in a single layer (less energy efficient) Clear over white: maximum light diffusion & privacy     efficiency  
Bubble / Dome Skylights            
Sometimes arranged in "Tandem" arrays            
POLYCARBONATE All types 16mm & 25mm thick multiwall Clear: maximum light Reflecto & Primalite available Very flexible to design & install Clarity / optics .4 to .24
Smaller Unit Skylights, larger Has ribs inside (think of transparent cardboard) Bronze tint:  Glare & heat control - Glare & heat control Holds up to elements well (has ribs)  
Structural Skylights, Canopies and Also available in a monolithic single layer White: maximum light diffusion & privacy   Resistant to hail noisier  
Walls       Economical    
    Optional blue,  green tint        
FIBERGLASS All types except Dome Skylights 2-3/4" thick panels with grids inside Crystal and White are standard n/a Unique look More expensive .48 to .06
Smaller Unit Skylights, larger (think of Japanese Shoji screens)   Holds up to elements well    
Structural Skylights, Canopies and (also called Translucent Fiberglass skylights) Optional  rose, aqua, blue, tan   Energy efficiency    
Walls Fiberglass sheet exterior and interior with          
  fiberglass batt insulation inbetween          
  available with 4" thick panels          
GLASS All types except Dome Skylights 1" thick insulated glass unit (flat glass) 1/4" thick PPG Solarban 60 Solar Control Low-E  all Low-E type coatings Longest lasting Most expensive .29 to .15
Smaller Unit Skylights, larger 1/4" to 1-1/2" thick single, double, triple pane tempered glass over clear laminated glass per code  and Heat Mirror films Holds up to elements best    
Structural Skylights, Canopies and Also available in single pane   Options for high Performance    
Walls   Many options in High performance, tints, thickness, etc.   Resistant to hail    
        Energy efficiency    

Acrylic Skylight 1
Polycarbonate Skylight 1
Fiberglass Skylight 1
Glass Skylights 1
Acrylic Skylight 2
Polycarbonate Skylight 2
Fiberglass Skylight 2
Glass Skylights 2
Acrylic Skylight 3
Polycarbonate Skylight 3
Fiberglass Skylight 3
Glass Skylights 3
Acrylic Skylight 4
Polycarbonate Skylight 4
Fiberglass Skylight 4
Glass Skylights 4