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Heatblock 365 Skylights

(Equivalent light with one-half the heat)

HEATBLOCK 365 acrylic skylight is an Infrared-reflecting skylight that reflects a large portion of incident solar radiation to limit the amount of heat entering a building while allowing an abundance of natural sunlight. This characteristic helps reduce energy consumption and makes HEATBLOCK 365 skylight a product that is well suited for “green” buildings.

By using HEATBLOCK 365 skylight in place of traditional acrylic glazing materials, average annual air conditioning costs can be lowered by as much as 33%. At the same time, HEATBLOCK 365 skylight allows natural sunlight to illuminate interiors, reducing dependence on electrical lighting. This makes it ideal for rooftop glazing applications in warehouses, grocery stores, and other large commercial spaces, particularly in the warmer southern climates.

Features & Benefits
* Proprietary performance formulation provides strong and uniform natural lighting
* IR-reflecting properties help reduce energy costs and lower internal ambient room temperatures




* Skylights
* Light domes
* Solariums
* Bus shelters



Are the Infrared-reflecting properties a result of a coating?
No, the performance is not produced with a coating or laminate.

What is the light transmission of HEATBLOCK 365 skylight?
The material itself has a 54% light transmission at 3.0 mm thickness, which is the same as the current white for skylights. However, the SHGC is cut in half, providing the light while reducing the heat.


Heat stop skylights

We are the first!

AiA Skylights is the first company to use this incredble material in skylights to help lower heat gain while still allowing natural light transmittance.