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Curb Mount Skylight Specifications
A.I.A. Industries, Inc
290 E. 56th Avenue
Denver, CO 80216
Phone: 303.296-9696
Fax: 303-29-2146

General Specification Data
Unit Skylights
SECTION - 08620



A. Design, and fabrication of entire skylight to include all extruded aluminum framing and anchors.

B. Glazing and glazing materials including gaskets, sealants, setting blocks, and related materials.

C. Finish on metal components.

D. Installation of the metal framed skylights.


A. Section 05500: Metal Fabrications.

B. Section 07550: Modified Bituminous Membrane Roofing

C. Section 07620: Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim.

D. Section 08800: Glazing.

E. Section ( _______ ) : ( ____________________ ).


A. Aluminum Association (AA).

B. American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

C. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

D. National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).


A. Skylight framing and dome infill shall be designed to support the following load requirements:
1. Positive Live Loads: ( ____ ) PSF snow load plus dead load.
2. Negative Live Loads: ( ____ ) PSF negative wind or uplift load plus dead load.

B. Fabrication and installation of skylights shall meet all regional and local building codes for the location of the project.


A. Shop drawings: Shop drawings as required to fully describe the skylight system shall be submitted and approved by the architect / contractor prior to starting any fabrication.

B. Samples: Finished aluminum samples (color charts or range samples), and plastic glazing samples shall be submitted and approved prior to starting any fabrication.

C. Submit manufacturer's written warranty as outlined in paragraph 1.07 of this specification.


A. The skylight manufacturer shall be responsible for the design / fabrication of the skylight assembly.

B. Substitute manufacturer's will be considered only when all of the following conditions have been satisfied:
1. Substitute manufacturer's must be approved by architect to bid not less than twenty (20) days prior to bid date.
2. Detailed drawings for substitute unit skylights are submitted to architect for review.
3. Prospective manufacturer's must furnish evidence of their ability to perform, including a list of projects of similar design and complexity within the last five (5) years.
4. Substitute unit skylights must be manufactured by a firm with a minimum of ten (10) years experience in the fabrication of unit skylights.


A. The unit skylights shall be warranted for a period of ( ____ ) year(s) from date of skylight completion, against defects in materials and workmanship.

B. All aluminum finishes are warranted pursuant to the suppliers standard warranty.

C. The structural sealant is warranted for ( ____ ) year(s) pursuant to the sealant manufacturer's standard warranty of merchantable quality. Warranty shall certify that cured sealant:
1. Shall not become brittle or crack due to weathering or normal expansion and contraction of adjacent surfaces.
2. Shall not change color or bleed significantly when used with compatible backup materials.




A. Unit skylights shall be manufactured by:

A.I.A. Industries
290 East 56th Avenue
Denver, Colorado, 80216
303.296.9696Fax 303.296.2146


A. Framing members:
1. Framing shall consist of an 0.062" thick retaining angle and 0.072" inner frame extruded from 6063-T5 aluminum.

B. Fasteners and Anchors:
1. Exposed fasteners shall be stainless steel or zinc coated, unless otherwise noted.

C. Glazing Material: Thickness to be determined by codes, glazing area loading conditions and manufacturers recommendations.
1. Insulating acrylic unit consisting of (___) inch (clear, bronze, or gray) exterior lite; air space; (___) inch (clear or white) interior lite. The foam gasket shall allow for independent expansion and contraction of the interior and exterior lites.
2. (___) inch (polycarbonate) (acrylic) (double / triple wall) unit (clear, bronze or opal).
3. Insulating glass unit consisting of 1/4 inch tempered (specify color and/or coating) exterior lite; 1/2 inch air space; and (___) inch clear (tempered) (laminated) (annealed interior lite with a .030 PVB interlayer) (heat strengthened interior lite with a (.030) (.060) PVB interlayer.)

D. Sealants:
1. Selection of sealants shall be the responsibility of the skylight manufacturer.
2. All surfaces shall be cleaned and primed within the sealant manufacturers guidelines.

E. Finishes:
1. All exposed aluminum shall receive one or more of the following finishes (architect to select):
a. Mill aluminum
b. Dark Bronze anodized.
c. Powder Coated, (standard color).
d. Other: ________________________


A. Unit skylights shall be shop fabricated.

B. All welding shall be done by inert gas process.

C. Unit skylights shall be fabricated using integral condensate gutters and weep systems allowing any water penetration or condensation to drain to the outside.




A. Unit skylights shall be installed in strict accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions and recommendations.

B. Prior to installation, installer, shall notify the general contractor of obvious deficiencies or dimensional errors in the support system and/or curb construction. No installation work shall proceed until all such errors and deviations are corrected.


D. Install unit skylights plumb, level and true to line, without warp or rack of frames or panels and anchor securely in place in accordance with approved shop drawings.

E. Contact areas between dissimilar metals shall be isolated with a protective coating or plastic strip to prevent electrolytic corrosion.

F. Upon completion of installation, installer shall remove all labels, part number markings and excess sealants from skylight components. Weep system shall be clear of any and all obstructions.


A. Final cleaning and physical protection of all installed materials shall be the responsibility of the general contractor.