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Comercial & Residential Skylights

AiA Industries has been in business since 1977 providing skylights for both residential and commercial applications. While most structural and non-structural skylights can be used for both residential and commercial use, there are some products specifically available for the commercial market. Heat / Smoke Vents and Blast Domes are a couple of examples of products used solely in commercial applications. Fall guards / Fall protection is something else commonly found in commercial applications.

commercial skylight
commercial skylights


AiA Industries is also partnered with Major Industries who supplies translucent skylight systems that can be used on commercial as well as residential projects, they also supply translucent curtain wall which can be used as office/cubical dividers or accent pieces for patios and outdoor living spaces.

residential skylight


AiA can also supply several types of translucent multiwall Polycarbonate from several manufacturers. These multiwall polycarbonate sheets can be used for residential or commercial applications from skylights to cubical and office dividers and are available in several thicknesses and colors.

residential skylights


AiA Industries, Inc. is your one stop shop for all your residential or commercial daylighting needs! Call us Today 1-800-748-2036 or