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Circular Skylights

AiA Industries, Inc. circular skylights provide natural light for commercial or residential applications with an innovative design. AiA can supply individual circular domes, curb-mount, or self-flashing units that utilize a fiberglass curb. Circular skylights are being used more and more on commercial applications such as airports and have been used in residential applications for years.

Standard sizes come with single or double acrylic domes in clear, bronze tint or white. Limited availability with polycarbonate domes. The domes are exceptionally strong due to the circular design. The self flashing circular skylight curb is constructed of tough polyester resin and fiberglass with all exposed surfaces gel coated white for a uniform cosmetic appeal and is insulated with fiberglass batt insulation. Curbs are 9" high with 3" wide mounting flange.

Standard Circular Skylights
Circular Replacement Dome


Circular Skylight Details

circular skylight
Circular Skylight